the rosebuds @ the cradle

the rosebuds @ the cradle, originally uploaded by minervacat.

well i woke up this morning and i made a resolution
i said i’m never going to sing another sad song again

— Sea Wolf, “I Made A Resolution”

This song has been on the draft of my end-of-the-year playlist since March or so.  Those opening lines are something I keep going back to, except that somehow I always end up sad anyway.  I don’t know.  I’m a little tired of feeling so damn bruised all the time.  And I’m very much looking forward to seeing Sea Wolf in a few weeks.

My resolution today, though, is photographic.  I resolve to spend the rest of the year working on my mid-range concert shots — I’m great up close, pushing the 50mm lens as far as it’ll go, but I’m rarely satisfied with my broader shots, trying to vignette more than one musician at once or something other than detail.  So.  That’s what I’m working on.  Be prepared for a lot of boring, poorly composed mid-range concert shots until I figure it out.

And at some point I’m going to shoot Michael Casey doing his magic, and I’m not going to take a single photo of Michael himself — I’m just going to shoot the faces of people watching him.  A whole series of blown-mind reactions. I have big plans. I’m in my own head constantly, thinking, brainstorming, planning, shooting without clicking the shutter. It’s not a bad way, or place, to be. As long as I eventually get out and do something.

I bought a 100mm/f2.8 Nikon E-series lens from Adorama last week and it arrived yesterday.  I’d been looking at it online in a rather lustful fashion for a couple of months now, and I came into a bit of a windfall of cash and I splurged on myself — it’s the badass big brother to my beloved 50mm E-series and I’m looking forward to be able to get the same close low-light shots from further back in a crowd.  The quickest ways to my heart: read young adult fiction without irony; buy me beer; buy me camera bits and understand when I love good glass more than you.

The 100mm gets its first test run Friday night, and I can’t wait to see what it can do.

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