hopscotch music festival: saturday

Speakers didn’t cover Hopscotch this year because Matt done gone and gotten himself a baby, and I was reeling after we had a break-in in July and Butthead McStealy walked off with not only all my camera gear but also my camera bag, which contained my entire collection of press passes in a pass holder….

american aquarium @ the soapbox

In a time past, some of it documented here, shep. and I used to spend a lot of weekends hauling all over the South to see bands, both national touring bands who didn’t play in the Thrill, or bands from here we just loved. So it was appropriate on Friday that, after failing to acquire…

american aquarium @ local 506

If I went back and counted, I’ve seen American Aquarium more than 50 times since the fall of 2007 — probably closer to 75. But as they spent more time on the road, and drew more and more fans in Raleigh, particularly, I’ve seen them fewer and fewer times every year. This is good, because…

american aquarium @ the pour house

It depends on what you ask me, and when, about American Aquarium, whether I’ll be sentimental, or cheerfully cranky, or a million other things — but one thing I will always, always be is fond, is deeply affectionate for those five guys and all 28 ex-band members. There’s no other band where I can tell…

american aquarium @ motorco

One of the reasons that I keep shooting American Aquarium, even though I have more photos of them than any one person could need, is to see if I can get a different shot, a new one, every time. It’s not about them. It’s about me. Onward, Soldiers are, as always, a joy to shoot…

top ten shows of 2010

Today kicks off a couple of year end lists; tomorrow you’ll get EPs and tracks, and next week, a massive list of albums the making of which may make me more insane than usual, but which will be thorough if nothing else. Today, though: today you get my Top 10 Live Shows of 2010. I…

luego @ local 506

See local bands enough times, and they start to grow on you. Luego is growing on me, is what I mean. An easy, funny, warm night, a friendly crowd in the 506, and excellent company and music.

american aquarium @ motorco music hall

Such a polite crowd on Saturday night; I am not used to American Aquarium crowds who are that attentive and subdued. Also, the Motorco drink named after the band: the same blend of deliciousness and shame that I have come to expect from the band. (Band of my heart, my heart, my heart.)

american aquarium @ the pour house, december 2010

American Aquarium at the Pour House in the first weekend in December is tradition, by now; last night was raucously hilarious and bizarre and fantastic. They always are. Those boys never disappoint me.