concerts: magnolia collective, jphono1, mark holland

magnolia collective @ cat's cradle

A farewell show of sorts for MagCo, long among my local favorites, as drummer Jon Truesdale and his wife Jo are moving out of the country — a wonderful live goodbye to this lineup of a band that started as a fun covers side project and has produced some of my favorite music in the local scene in the last few years. Happy to pick up their latest full length on vinyl Friday night, and say goodbye to Jon, and catch up with some friends I hadn’t seen in far too long.

jphono1 @ cat's cradle

mark holland @ cat's cradle

Opened with a solo set from Mark Holland (of the Holland Brothers) and a full band set from JPhono1, both excellent.

Check out the full set here.

concerts: slingshot cash @ local 506

slingshot cash @ local 506

The 506 has launched a new series, where 3 locals play sets at 3pm on a Sunday; this is a great idea, and this past Sunday Slingshot Cash played (with Smoothrays and the Stray Owls), and it was great.

Also Trav finally identified specifically what it is that I am disliking when I say that I hate guitar wanking and wave my hands around about jam-ish bands. “Oh!” he said. “You hate jazz chords.”

So I learned something: I hate jazz chords.

Full set is here.

concerts: pokey lafarge, escondido, and ellis dyson & the shambles

concerts: pokey lafarge @ the cradleconcerts: escondido @ cat's cradle

Pokey and Escondido photos — both great sets — up on Speakers.

concerts: ellis dyson & the shamblesconcerts: ellis dyson & the shambles

concerts: ellis dyson & the shamblesconcerts: ellis dyson & the shambles

Ellis Dyson and the Shambles are a local band, with the kind of sharp songwriting and energy and stage makeup who really, really remind me of Holy Ghost Tent Revival about five years ago. I’m very much into them, and they might very well be my newest favorite local band. Check ’em out.

house show: caleb caudle

house show: caleb caudle

Caleb Caudle played in my living room on Friday, doing a lot of songs from last year’s stunning Paint Another Layer On Your Heart, and a bunch from his upcoming Carolina Ghost, which looks to be even more stunning. You didn’t come to this show, but you should have.

concerts: the river otters @ steel string brewery

the river otters @ steel string

the river otters @ steel string

the river otters @ steel string

the river otters @ steel string

My buddy Robinson, who used to live next door to the Cowboy, has been playing with his new band the River Otters for a while now, but I’m a terrible person who stopped leaving the house for a while. Trav and I went out Saturday night, though, and of course I wasn’t disappointed — the River Otters are playing a fabulously tight three-piece blues, and I was reminded once again how much I like Robinson’s subtle, cheeky songwriting. I feel like blues are a genre that might not always draw in the Triangle, but seriously, the River Otters are phenomenally talented musicians, and their set — a mix of originals, covers you know, and covers only people who love the blues (Robinson and Trav, say) know — is perfectly paced and absolutely captivating.

They’ll be at Mystery Brewing in Hillsborough in April, so go see ’em. Buy me some barbeque before.