hot dogs everywhere: doss’ old fashioned ice cream

Where: Doss’ Old Fashioned Ice Cream, Kernersville, NC What: 2 chili cheese slaw dogs With whom: Trav Why: there was a botanical garden down the street Grade: B/B+. Buns toasted in grease, excellent chili, traditional red NC hot dogs. Good, not exceptional.

hot dogs everywhere: bob’s dogs, oak island nc

Where: Bob’s Dogs, Oak Island, NC What: a Chili Cheese Dog, and a Gator Dog, and an Oak Island Burger With whom: my Mom Why: there was a lighthouse I wanted to take pictures of. Grade: A. Good chili, real shredded cheese, excellent shoestring fries, amazing homemade lemonade.

hot dogs everywhere: buns ‘n’ brews (columbus, oh)

Where: Buns ‘N’ Brews, Columbus, OH What: the Texan: chili and cheddar cheese on a pretzel bun With whom: Trav Why: for Project Heartburn, recommended by John Grade: A. Great dog – and they take a picture of YOU taking your first bite, which delighted me – and excellent beer selection. Also good company, as…

hot dogs everywhere: national hot dog day

Where: at ‘Sup Dogs Chapel Hill What: the Ranchero: homemade ranch, sup dog sauce, Monterey Jack and cheddar, chili. With whom: Trav Why: it was National Hot Dog Day! Grade: A. Man, I love ‘Sup Dogs. Their special sauce, the combinations of flavors. ‘Sup Dogs is the best.

interview: tour de frank

Today is National Chili Dog Day, and I’m thrilled to share an interview with John Champlin, Wake Forest alum and fellow hot dog enthusiast. You can see his photographic adventures on Instagram @tourdefrank and check out his write ups of his most recent trip, the Feast on the East (Coast) at his blog. Below, he…

hot dogs everywhere: alaskan fish and chips (juneau, ak)

Where: Alaskan Fish and Chips, of all places, in Juneau, AK. What: a reindeer corn dog with honey mustard aioli With whom: Trav. Why: because I was in Alaska, so I ate a reindeer dog. Project Heartburn. Grade: A. A reindeer corn dog at a fish and chips place? Yes. This was unbelievable. Great batter,…

hot dogs everywhere: (seattle, wa)

Where: The Frankfurter, and T-Mobile Park What: A Seattle dog, of course With whom: Trav. Why: For Project Heartburn, eating a hot dog in every state. Grade: N/A. Look, the Seattle dog is not for me – I hate onions. I liked the peppers and jalapeños, I think the cream cheese is actually a GREAT…

hot dogs everywhere: the varsity (atlanta, ga)

Where: the Varsity, in Atlanta, GA. What: a chili cheese dog, because they’re the gold standard of hot dogs. With whom: Trav. On Valentine’s Day. Because we’re romantic like that. Why: the Varsity is famous as all get out and there wasn’t a better place to eat my Georgia hot dog. Grade: B on the…

hot dogs everywhere: frank (austin, tx)

Where: Frank, in Austin, TX. What: the Carolina Pork It!, which in fact has an exclamation point in its name. A cheese-stuffed dog wrapped in bacon and deep-fried, and topped with great slaw. With whom: Allie, and her friends B. & J. Why: Deep fried. Bacon. Cheese. Slaw. The name. Grade: B+. I had some…

ballpark hot dogs: kramarczuks’ polish

Where: Kramarczuk’s, Target Field, Minneapolis, MN. What: the Polish With whom: the Every Everything crew Why: Jan recommended it! Grade: B+. I’m not a huge Polish person, but the sausage was tasty and the sauerkraut was otherworldly good.