worth getting up for in april

holden beach, nc, march 2013

Worth getting up for in April: Opening Day; the Orioles’ Opening Day win; this photo of Matt Wieters; the Orioles still being over .500; spring; Phuzz Phest; Wintersleep and Frightened Rabbit on tour together; Fitz and the Tantrums at Haw River Ballroom; the way North Carolina looks like someone turned up the saturation on Photoshop; a visit from the Paternal Unit for the UNC / Duke series; planning planning planning secrets and trips; day/night doubleheaders; the BAM at Sandwhich in Chapel Hill; Pickwick live; meeting Scott and Grant Hutchison from Frightened Rabbit; outdoor beers with Matt and Tracey; the Hopscotch lineup, particularly the Breeders playing Last Splash all the way through; signing up for a sushi making class with shep.; asking; the pictures on BS In The Kitchen of all their National Grilled Cheese Month sandwiches; the new Waxahatchee record; coffee; the NBA playoffs; the Duke Music In The Gardens schedule; ESPN’s extended college baseball tournament coverage; Pickwick at the 506.

the pointy kind of good luck

holden beach, nc ; march 2013

the tiny dinosaurs go to the beach

The women on my mom’s side of the family are, at the beach, inveterate shell collectors. As soon as I was old enough to tell the difference between the shells, I learned to pick up the unusual, the beautiful, the ugly. Above (top) is my haul from this week at Holden Beach. It’s the best shelling I’ve seen here since at least 2007. I picked up an olive shell that’s three inches long (bottom, with tiny dinosaur). On Tuesday night, I said to Mom, “Now I want to find a shark’s tooth,” something I’ve found twice in 33 years at Holden Beach, and within ten minutes, I had found a perfectly pointy shark’s tooth, sitting all by its on the top of a pile.

It felt like serendipity. It felt like a lagniappe. It felt like the ocean knew it was my birthday and turned up perfectly perfect things just for me. I found starfish on the beach when we’ve never found starfish before. My cousin found an unbroken sand dollar. Mom and I both found live sea urchins.

I turned 33 on Monday; I was a bit apprehensive about my birthday, because 32 was tough. What if 33 was worse? But somehow the ocean has made me feel, through tiny natural miracles, that 33 is going to be okay. Is going to be lovely, and miraculous, and full of lagniappes. I am going to look at it that way. I appreciate that nature told me it would be okay.

this is a post full of things i have seen washed up on the beach

holden beach, nc ; march 2013

WARNING: this post does contain photos of dead things that could be considered gross by some people, so fair warning.

holden beach, nc, march 2013

holden beach, nc, march 2013

holden beach, nc ; march 2013

holden beach, nc, march 2013

poem: prayer in my boot

holden beach, nc, march 2013

Prayer In My Boot (Naomi Shihab Nye)

For the wind no one expected

For the boy who does not know the answer

For the graceful handle I found in a field
attached to nothing
pray it is universally applicable

For our tracks which disappear
the moment we leave them

For the face peering through the cafe window
as we sip our soup

For cheerful American classrooms sparkling
with crisp colored alphabets
happy cat posters
the cage of the guinea pig
the dog with division flying out of his tail
and the classrooms of our cousins
on the other side of the earth
how solemn they are
how gray or green or plain
how there is nothing dangling
nothing striped or polka-dotted or cheery
no self-portraits or visions of cupids
and in these rooms the students raise their hands
and learn the stories of the world

For library books in alphabetical order
and family businesses that failed
and the house with the boarded windows
and the gap in the middle of a sentence
and the envelope we keep mailing ourselves

For every hopeful morning given and given
and every future rough edge
and every afternoon
turning over in its sleep