hopscotch music festival: saturday

Speakers didn’t cover Hopscotch this year because Matt done gone and gotten himself a baby, and I was reeling after we had a break-in in July and Butthead McStealy walked off with not only all my camera gear but also my camera bag, which contained my entire collection of press passes in a pass holder….

festival: hopscotch music festival 2013

This is the third year in a row that I’ve photographed Raleigh’s weird, charming, brilliant Hopscotch Music Festival, and while it might have been the year I saw the fewest number of bands (… 30 or so over the weekend), it might be the year I had the most fun. Hopscotch is, always, a festival…

preview: hopscotch night three

Utter soul-bursting joy is listening to the Deal sisters cover ‘Happiness Is A Warm Gun’ because, you know, they’d finished playing Last Splash, and they had some more time on stage, and, as Kelley said, “We know a Beatles song.” As always, Hopscotch, as a whole you were beautiful, and you had a single moment…

preview: hopscotch night one

Three from night one. More to come. I have been awake for 45 minutes; I have written my Jam of the Day, I have answered a day job question over the phone, I have pared down last night’s photos, I have scarfed a bowl of instant Thai peanut noodles, I am ready to go.

hopscotch preview: triangle bands i love

Plenty of blogs out there — including Speakers in Code! — will tell you which national acts to catch at Hopscotch. For you, my dear readers, I shall tell out-of-towners and Triangle-residents-who-only-leave-the-house-once-a-year which locals are worth their salt, your time, and more, like who pays for photo jobs in vinyl. Aren’t those the important things?…