alaska: skagway

Skagway was great. It was an early docking, and we only had an afternoon excursion – next time back we will definitely make a trip to both the Slide Cemetery and Jewell Gardens – and it was the only day where I almost felt we had enough time. We did go dog-sledding in Skagway, though,…

old burying ground, beaufort, nc

Part of the trip to Beaufort two weekends ago was to visit the Old Burying Ground, one of the oldest cemeteries in North Carolina. It was unbelievably lovely and fascinating. Full set here.

february snow

I’m done with winter. North Carolina, however, does not appear to be. Thursday’s snow was at least beautiful.

goathouse cat refuge: kitties

Goathouse Refuge is a no-kill shelter for kitties in Chatham County; I’m doing some volunteer work there, including taking photos of their kitties for their website. LOOKIT THE KITTENS, YOU GUYS.

the king of windmills & whirl-i-gigs

Over the weekend, North Carolina artist Vollis Simpson passed away at the age of 94. Mr. Simpson created some amazing found materials whirl-i-gigs, which he installed in sort of a farm near his home close to Wilson, NC. A few years ago, shep. and I took a spur-of-the-moment Sunday drive down there, and Mr. Simpson…

cameron, nc: painted barns

On a tiny roadtrip with the Maternal Unit, we stopped in Cameron, NC (a small town between Sanford and Southern Pines) to check out the crazy painted barns in the area; they were originally commissioned by David Ellis, a Cameron native and artist who brought street artists from New York and Japan to his hometown…

washed up

The Alpha Site went to the beach on Friday, and I took pictures of beach implements abandoned by their humans. Also this rad tsunami warning sign. RUN, LITTLE SIGN GUY, THE TSUNAMI’S GOING TO GET YOU. Anyway: behind the jump, an impromptu series I’m calling Washed Up.