baseball: nats @ orioles

johnathan schoop walks off

johnathan schoop walks off

johnathan schoop walks off


The Wiets drove in the tying run in the bottom of the 8th and Jonathan Schoop walked off. The floppy hats were excellent.


the trade deadline, emotionally

baseball: jacksonville suns @ carolina mudcats


In 2006, this guy pitched 7.1 against Cal State Fullerton, and Matt Danford balked, picked a guy off third, and got the win. 13 innings.

How can I not want someone whose starts I remember in that much detail in my bullpen?

baseball: mariners @ orioles

baseball: mariners @ orioles

If you watch a lot of college baseball, eventually players you love will make it to the major leagues. This is a familiar view, of Kyle Seager’s bubble butt and lazy slow approach to third base, a view that makes my heart ache a little, a view that still makes me want to yell GODDAMNIT, SEAGER, at every possible opportunity, a view that makes me damn proud because when he was 19 I watched him commit at least three throwing errors at second base that involved the ball flying somewhere into the right field stands. If you’d asked me in 2009 if I would see Kyle Seager play in a major league stadium in four years, I would have laughed so hard I cried.

Last night I got to, though, and I ragged him the whole game because I could, and because that’s what that familiar view means I can do. I watched him play second base for a whole season in 2008; outside his family, not a lot of other people can say that.

Full set, including a bunch of Manny and one of the Wieters running really, really hard, is here.

the man for whom the idiot man-children playing third base tag was coined

baseball: clemson at unc, game 1

brb, going to baltimore to see a man about a third baseman. a different third baseman.

well, also the same third baseman as before, it’s true, but also another one.

worth getting up for in june

southern culture on the skids @ berkeley cafe

Worth getting up for in June: the National at Red Hat; Shovels & Rope live; the Orioles still being over .500; sweeping the Yankees; Crush Davis (and his 31 home runs through the end of June); Southern Culture on the Skids at the Berkeley; that weekend I slept for, like, 65 hours (though not the bit where I slept that much because I was sick, but seriously, that is my dream life: sleep, read, take photos); editing my Fall Out Boy photos; shooting in the 9:30 club; hanging out with the kitties at Goathouse; rosemary and olive oil Triscuits; the Instamatic that Allie bought me; every episode of Pop Culture Happy Hour, which for some reason delighted me immensely more than even usual this month; eliminating State from the College World Series (and eliminating USCe from the tournament in general); making some new internet friends; the Replacements playing RiotFest; all the thunderstorms; how green everything is; This Week In Ladies; the filters at work deciding that TWIL was pornography, which I find indefinably hilarious, because just wow; naps.

perfection’s always flawed: a baseball mix

baseball: norfolk tides @ durham bulls

My all-time favorite photo of Matt Wieters, future of the Orioles organization, existed before the Big Bang, subject of all love songs ever written, bad ass new god. He hit a two-run homer in the first inning of the O’s first game today.

This is a playlist of baseball songs. You should listen to it, and share it. (For some reason I don’t understand because Spotify, it’s not showing all 16 songs in the playlist here. If you have Spotify and click through, you can see all of them, though.)