worth getting up for: july

carrboro farmer’s market, originally uploaded by minervacat.

Worth getting up for in July: rookie league baseball, and free tickets to see Team USA; fireworks at the DBAP; photos from the Cape Cod League; Chatham County Line at the Cradle; shooting on a press pass;this photo of Omaha’s Rosenblatt Stadium; Counting Crows live; Our State magazine’s 100 Places To Eat In North Carolina’s 100 Counties; animated movies starring Steve Carrell; the popcorn at the Carmike 10 in Durham; free shows on the tops of parking garages in Chapel Hill; the new Tana French mystery; Dan Epstein’s Big Hair & Plastic Grass; $4 whiskey and gingers at Slim’s; rearranging all our bookcases and replacing broken down old ones; late night trips to Sonic; unexpectedly unseasonably cool days; shredding ten years’ worth of financial records and excavating my desk; kicking ass and taking names; Inception; Joseph Gordon Levitt in suits; grape tomatoes; neat and organized apartments.

worth getting up for: may

carrboro farmer’s market, originally uploaded by minervacat.

Worth getting up for in May: Carolina baseball’s Senior Day; sweeping a series to end the season; Superchunk at the Cradle; Dustin Ackley playing Double-A baseball in the NC; the Hold Steady’s Heaven Is Whenever and American Aquarium’s Small Town Hymns; live Old Ceremony shows; Iron Man 2 and weekend binges of superhero movies on DVD; cheese and beer; Farscape re-watches; nice publicists in New York City who send me CDs; bands from Athens with pedal steel players; boys with banjos; long conversations about photography, art, and what it means to live in the real world; Johnny Gallagher, courtesy my wonderful Lana; podcast binges; my Flickr gallery of unexpected baseball shots; new Rick Riordan kids’ series, and old Rick Riordan mystery novels.

May wasn’t a bad month but I’m looking forward to June.

carrboro farmer’s market

carrboro farmer’s market, originally uploaded by minervacat.

Rocking my world in terms of inspiration this week:

I bought tickets to what I thought was a game between the Carolina Mudcats and the West Tenn Jaxx tonight, but turns out to be the Mudcats against the Jacksonville Suns instead. On the other hand, the Heels have put enough guys in the pro ranks that the Suns aren’t Tar Heel-less — Andrew Miller’s hanging out down there now, trying to find his control. The Jaxx will be here at the end of the month instead.