carrboro farmer’s market

garden - 1

My buddy Jesse and his wife Hannah own a small no-till organic farm in Central Kentucky – Rough Draft Farmstead, check ’em out if you’re in their CSA area! – and last week or the week before, he mentioned that they’d recently traded produce for farm and family photos. While I’ve traded photos for a variety of other things, this had never occurred to me before, and Jesse and I talked about it for a bit; I couldn’t get the idea out of my head.

I was at the Carrboro Farmer’s Market on Saturday because I was out of my own pickling cukes and I still had more pickles I wanted to can, and I slipped a handful of business cards into my pocket before I left the house. Every farmer I bought something from, I said, “Here’s my card, if you’d ever like to trade photos for produce, I’d love to do that.” So who knows? Maybe I’ll find myself on a small North Carolina farm a lot like Jesse and Hannah’s farm in Kentucky in the near future. I hope so.

And Lord, it never gets old shooting at farmer’s markets (markets in general, see also Pike Place). Produce is so good lookin’.

garden - 2

garden - 3

garden - 4

garden - 5

garden - 6

garden - 10

garden - 11

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