life list: vegetable related

51.Grow my own grape tomatoes, snap peas, and strawberries. 56. Make my own dill pickles from local cucumbers. Check, check, check. The peas aren’t going to give me much this year, but by God, I grew ONE.

eats: the big bowl of cheese

Our State Magazine — which you may know from my attempt to eat my way across North Carolina — published a great piece this week, by Adam Lucas, about a restaurant in Pittsboro that has re-created a dish that is probably only sentimentally edible to a certain population who frequented Chapel Hill sometime before 2007….

february snow

I’m done with winter. North Carolina, however, does not appear to be. Thursday’s snow was at least beautiful.

basketball: boston college @ unc

Our second of five games, this one the UNC ladies hung on to win. It was a pretty fun game — BC has some good long range shooters, Carolina’s Stephanie Muvinga dominated inside, and the lead swung back and forth a bunch of times. I love the ladies’ team a lot, and I’m really glad…

the thing that ate my life: house photos

So some but not all of you know that right before Christmas, I closed on an amazing little townhouse in a cute neighborhood in Chapel Hill. And some but not all of you know that three weeks after that, during an incredibly unseasonable-even-for-January cold snap in the NC, I had two pipes burst in the…

tuesday nonsense: cats in things

I see you purchased a thing for me to be in. I shall be in this thing, which all your purses, which you have purchased for me to be in. What do you mean you are shutting the lid. I am in this thing! I cannot get out of this thing! Stop buying things for…

goathouse mondays are BACK

We’ll go back to themed kitties next week, but for now, just look at that face. Don’t you just want to kiss it all up? Goathouse hosted a benefit on Friday night, and you might want to go read about it, but be warned: it is definitely full of animal cruelty triggers, if that upsets…