This post includes a lot of frank talk about physical illness, invasive surgery, poop, more poop, recovery, and feelings of anger, grief, and frustration regarding physical illness, so if that is something you shouldn’t read, be warned. Oh sometimes everything hurtsFrom your bones to your furBut you kick and you jokeAnd smile through it Superchunk,…

eats in the thrill: 411 west

A Chapel Hill classic, I hadn’t been here in years and Trav had never been before we took his folks there this past weekend. Their whole menu is great – the antipasto tray was spectacular – but I do love their pizettes. This one was sourced from all NC farms.

eats in the thrill: buns

Ordered hamburgers from Buns the other night, and they were A+. Brie, bacon, honey mustard. Would eat again.

carrboro farmer’s market

My buddy Jesse and his wife Hannah own a small no-till organic farm in Central Kentucky – Rough Draft Farmstead, check ’em out if you’re in their CSA area! – and last week or the week before, he mentioned that they’d recently traded produce for farm and family photos. While I’ve traded photos for a…

life list: vegetable related

51.Grow my own grape tomatoes, snap peas, and strawberries. 56. Make my own dill pickles from local cucumbers. Check, check, check. The peas aren’t going to give me much this year, but by God, I grew ONE.

eats: the big bowl of cheese

Our State Magazine — which you may know from my attempt to eat my way across North Carolina — published a great piece this week, by Adam Lucas, about a restaurant in Pittsboro that has re-created a dish that is probably only sentimentally edible to a certain population who frequented Chapel Hill sometime before 2007….

february snow

I’m done with winter. North Carolina, however, does not appear to be. Thursday’s snow was at least beautiful.