concerts: langhorne slim @ cat’s cradle

Langhorne photos from two weekends ago are up on Speakers. I’m lazy posting lately, my bad. The Spirit Moves, Langhorne Slim & the Law’s 2015 release, is excellent. Hope to review it sooner than later.

concert: camper van beethoven @ the cradle

I went to a show Friday night; my first show of 2014. My first show in more than a month, in fact. It was hot, and full of people, and I had to wear both real pants and a bra, and these are all things that displease me in general: heat, humans, real pants*, leaving…

phuzz phest, day one

William Tyler is a genius. Some Army made me wish I’d given MORE money to their Kickstarter. Mount Moriah’s new album sounds gorgeous live. Drag Sounds was my favorite discovery. Spider Bags are some of my favorite humans and musicians ever. And I kept seeing people I thought I knew, only to turn and see…

hollis brown @ local 506

Hollis Brown, you guys. Look. Y’all know that I basically don’t like to leave the house because I’m lazy and misanthropic and also because I’m old and I like to fall asleep in front of NBA games at 8:45 on weeknights. But I go out, for bands I really love, and I am generally rewarded….

the last bison @ motorco music hall

The Last Bison are about to blow up; mark it down. Their sophomore LP, Inheritance, is out Tuesday, and it’s going to be a doozy. They absolutely filled the space at Motorco last night in a gorgeous way. An excellent show, and glad I got to see and shoot them before they’re too important for me….

dr dog @ haw river ballroom

Dr. Dog absolutely destroyed it last night at Haw River; they’re such a tight band, the harmonies that make their music stand out are even better live, and they just flat out rock. There was a full house, and the crowd was absolutely rocking with them. A ton of fun, and such a pleasure to…

yep roc 15

Full set from all three nights of Yep Roc 15, a celebration of Yep Roc Records’ 15th birthday party, is here. Write-up will be on Speakers In Code tomorrow or Tuesday. Thanks for inviting me to your party, y’all. It kicked ass. (I shot every band on the lineup but Liam Finn — who I…