hollis brown @ local 506

hollis brown @ local 506

hollis brown @ local 506

Hollis Brown, you guys.

Look. Y’all know that I basically don’t like to leave the house because I’m lazy and misanthropic and also because I’m old and I like to fall asleep in front of NBA games at 8:45 on weeknights. But I go out, for bands I really love, and I am generally rewarded.

Last night I went out to see Hollis Brown, and it was like I was being showered in kittens and diamonds and rainbows, it was that good. Their debut record, Ride On The Train, blew me away earlier this week, and it turns out that they’re even better live. Their rhythm section is fiercely tight, and it plays out into the guitars, as well — I told Mike Graves, their drummer, that he and Dillon DeVito, the bassist, were nearly metronomic in how tight they were, and that I meant it as a compliment, thoroughly. They keep lead singer Mike Montali and guitarist Jon Bonilla on track, and as the heart of the band, it allows the lyrics and the harmonies and, yes, Jon, the guitar solos to shine through. The drive of the rhythm section propels the songs at a pace that, last night, made a 45 minute set seem like 10 minutes, and leaves you wanting more.

They were really pretty incredible last night. Y’all need to get on this right away.

Full set from the night is here.

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