100 foods in 100 counties: davidson & cabarrus counties

13. Cabarrus County – Concord – Cabarrus Creamery: Moon Pie Ice Cream
29. Davidson County – Lexington – Barbeque Center: Banana Split and Q Soup

Checked two places off the 100 foods list this weekend. The Q Soup at the Barbeque Center is a fabulous hearty vegetable soup with a solid portion of their excellent pulled pork added. (And honestly, just also get a pulled pork tray. Their red slaw is out of this world.) And the Moon Pie Ice Cream – look, can I confess? I don’t really like Moon Pies. Take my Southerner card. But Cabarrus Creamery’s Moon Pie Ice Cream is really wonderful – it’s like a cookie dough ice cream without the overwhelming sweetness that cookie dough + ice cream sometimes leads to. Yay food.

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