worth getting up for: july

carrboro farmer’s market, originally uploaded by minervacat.

Worth getting up for in July: rookie league baseball, and free tickets to see Team USA; fireworks at the DBAP; photos from the Cape Cod League; Chatham County Line at the Cradle; shooting on a press pass;this photo of Omaha’s Rosenblatt Stadium; Counting Crows live; Our State magazine’s 100 Places To Eat In North Carolina’s 100 Counties; animated movies starring Steve Carrell; the popcorn at the Carmike 10 in Durham; free shows on the tops of parking garages in Chapel Hill; the new Tana French mystery; Dan Epstein’s Big Hair & Plastic Grass; $4 whiskey and gingers at Slim’s; rearranging all our bookcases and replacing broken down old ones; late night trips to Sonic; unexpectedly unseasonably cool days; shredding ten years’ worth of financial records and excavating my desk; kicking ass and taking names; Inception; Joseph Gordon Levitt in suits; grape tomatoes; neat and organized apartments.

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