georgia aquarium

georgia aquarium

After years of frustrating aquarium photos, I scoured the internet for advice, bought a rubber lens hood for my 24-70mm 2.8 lens, and set everything to manual. And frankly, I think I did pretty well for a first real go at photographing fishes.

Full set is here.

georgia aquarium

georgia aquarium

georgia aquarium

georgia aquarium

georgia aquarium

georgia aquarium

georgia aquarium


gettin’ ready to get down


1. tales of new year’s festivities

We watched football and ate pizza, and then we listened to all our favorite start a new year songs. It was the best NYE I’ve had in a long time.

2. accounting for some unfinished business

if you didn’t like me then
you probably won’t like me now

3. envisioning the year ahead

More fun, less household unemployment. A lot of women’s basketball and baseball of all sorts and adventures with shep. and adventures with Trav and visiting a lot of people we love in places they live. And eating. I’m going to eat a lot in 2016.

4. any sort of resolutions

Perfect recipes for pasta puttanesca and pasta carbonara.
Pay off one credit card.
Shoot Tay Tay and the Black Keys.
Be happy.
Win lottery.

5. an extended and unfortunately eloquent harangue

Insurance companies are garbage and being a grown up is fucking hard.

6. a final thought composed in silence

’cause others may know where you’re going / but honey, i know where you’ve from

I remain, as always, grateful for Travis, the goddamn love of my life, my favorite person, who is weird enough to want to spend the rest of his life with me. And also for shep., my one true partner in crime; and the axis, Allie, Adam and Sheila, all my fandom girls from all over forever, the Carls, the Speakers kids and all my Hopscotch family reunion crew, the tiny bad kittens, Nikon lenses, press passes, the back room at the Cradle, Josh Ritter and Mason Jennings and Frank Turner, the college football playoff, my house, live music, swimming pools both full and empty, running, the Shutdown Fullcast, naps, and Angry Orchard cider.

worth getting up for this fall

beaufort, nc

Worth getting up for this fall: Kev and Angela’s wedding; college basketball, and thus our UNCWBB season tickets starting; house shows; soups in the crock pot; ostentatious displays of Christmas lights; boats covered in Christmas lights; making people I love go look at things that horrify and amaze me all at once; the re-created Rathskellar lasagna; sweaters for kittens; planning trips for the spring; Thanksgiving dinner; Mockingjay Part 2; buying presents for people I love for the holidays; discovering some new photographers and digging through their work for inspiration; Adam and Sheila getting engaged; Hanna and Jameson getting engaged; when Ty answered the Reverb Line; Gary Williams, still sweaty and angry; road trips with shep.; sandwiches; apple cider and champagne; naps.

making my own fun: crystal coast holiday flotilla






shep. and I are into holiday lights, so we drove to Beaufort to look at boats with lights on. The boats with lights on were excellent, would look again. Full set here.

life list: thanksgiving dinner

thanksgiving 2015

thanksgiving 2015

thanksgiving 2015

thanksgiving 2015

thanksgiving 2015

thanksgiving 2015

thanksgiving 2015

thanksgiving 2015

thanksgiving 2015

48. Cook a full Thanksgiving dinner for friends and family (including a turkey in the oven).

I had forgotten that this was on my life list until a few weeks ago, but damn if Trav and shep. and Clea and Erin and I didn’t cross it off like a boss yesterday.

Recipes I made:

All good; greatest mashed potatoes ever.

I’m thankful for the people I spent yesterday with, all of whom I love very much, and I am especially thankful for Trav, who is one of the smartest, kindest, funniest people I know, and who I am lucky to get to love, and be loved by, every day.

this wouldn’t happen to be your frozen turkey



Dana Whitaker: I’ve named this Thanksgiving. I’m calling it “The Thanksgiving of Mom’s Disapproval.” Included on the 2-record set are the hit songs “Why Aren’t You Married?” And “Sports Is No Place for an Educated Woman” and “Didn’t Anyone Ever Tell You How to Cook a Turkey?”

— Sports Night 1×8, “Thespis”

The Maternal Unit would never say those things, but this is one of Trav’s and my favorite episodes of Sports Night and we’re hosting our first Thanksgiving dinner today, so it seemed appropriate.

No one ever told me how to cook a turkey, after all. And this year I just informed Trav he was in charge of the turkey-cooking and to get on that. But mostly mostly I’m just really happy, and thankful, that we’re spending the holiday together, with people we love, with each other, with the terrible kittens, and that all of you out there are reading this. I’m thankful for you guys, too.

And the turkey emoji. The turkey emoji is great, you guys.