that’s what the torch committee’s for


Justin at says the first post of the year should be thus, and so it is.

1. tales of new year’s festivities

Spaghetti and meatballs, good wine, football, bad kitten cuddles, bed well before midnight, the end.

2. accounting for some unfinished business

when did being a decent human being become political

3. envisioning the year ahead

Women’s basketball and some concerts, maybe, and taking photos of families, and driving around Florida looking at weird roadside stuff. Voting. Doing good work. His Dark Materials podcasts. Love. Resistance.

4. any sort of resolutions

Be happy, be kind, vote, resist.

5. an extended and unfortunately eloquent harangue

Please see above #2.

6. a final thought composed in silence

I remain grateful for Trav and the bad kittens, Keri and April and Allie and Pops, our families (most of the time), Adam and Sheila, the Carls (forever and always), all my new photographer friends and all my old photographer friends, my recently retired boss and my current bosses and all but one of my coworkers, and all the musician friends I don’t see often but still very much miss. And for Nikon cameras, the Shutdown Fullcast and Banner Society, Binge Mode, Josh Ritter and Mason Jennings and Frank Turner and Micah Schnabel, protest songs, bourbon, aquariums and botanical gardens, Alaska, and the ocean.

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