adventures at home: greensboro science center

With college football season coming up, I’m trying to make the most of Saturdays before then. This led us to the Greensboro Science Center this weekend, because I wanted to see their aquarium, and they had a zoo, and it wasn’t a thousand degrees out for once.

The zoo is small but well laid out and has an interesting mix of animals; they’re also renovating for Malayan tigers and building a big outdoor Komodo dragon habitat, plus we saw signs for further expansion. The zoo in Asheboro is much larger, but the GSC has such a nice mix of zoo / science / aquarium / reptiles that it’s a great option anyway.

I call this “The Loneliness of the Long Distance Gibbon”.

Their aquarium is small but lovely – think the Ft Fisher Aquarium – with a good layout and and interesting collection. It’s a great combination with the zoo for the price – only $15 for adults.

They also have an extensive snake collection. I visited them all to let them know I was watching. #constantsnakevigilance

A+ science museum, would museum again.

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