the big picture @ nightlight

the big picture @ nightlight, originally uploaded by minervacat.

Minor victories: I routinely bitch and moan about the Nightlight, because I love seeing shows there but loathe shooting them, simply because three red lightbulbs and a string of Christmas lights doesn’t cut it for decent lighting. But last night I found the one sweet spot on the stage and got my white balance/post-processing closer to right, so I was actually pleased with my shooting.

I also drank beer, had good conversation, and added a couple of paperback George R.R. Martin novels to my collection.

And the Big Picture were thoroughly enjoyable; I forget how much it’s the close, sweet harmonies of the Tunnell boys that make the Never spectacular, but it’s painfully evident as one of the Big Picture’s strengths, the way Joah and Jonny sing together. Nick Radford’s a fantastic drummer, Jonny’s a good songwriter, and Leah and Alec are great musicians. The set ended with an all-Trekky sing-along cover of Embarrassing Fruits’ “Willing Partner”, and it was just a really lovely, mellow night.

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