alaska: travel, photography, and other things i think about

Trav bought a camera before our trip to Alaska. Nevermind that my husband, the love of my life, my partner in all things, bought a Canon, of all cameras he could buy – I have a Nikon tattooed on myself, I don’t have his name tattooed anywhere, that is how serious I am about Nikons,…

alaska and seattle: resources

Some of the links below are Amazon Affiliate links. This means if you buy the product, I receive a small payment. It helps me pay bills, and you get products I personally speak for! Places to go and how to plan! Whenever I want to have an adventure, one of the first places I go…

promo: jphono1

Hung out with my buddies in JPhono1 on Monday night, at my other buddy Alex’s place, to do some promo shots for them. I love that top one so much.

review: epiphanie camera bag “catalina”

When Butthead McStealy ripped us off back in July, one of the things he took was my beloved, battered Epiphanie Sydney camera bag. (Along with all my collected press passes, a brand new box of business cards, all my spare memory cards, my emergency kazoo, my 50mm lens … I kept a lot of stuff in…

families: angel, bev & gavin

Had the pleasure of spending some time on Sunday with my coworker Angel, his fabulous wife Bev, and their four month old son Gavin. It’s a step toward a venture I’m hoping to launch in early February, if you want to take a guess.

atlanta backyard, fall

It was a beautiful weekend, so I mucked around in Trav’s folks’ backyard playing with the macro function on my Sigma 70-300mm. Getting my chops back.

i had a minor triumph over white balance

White balance — the process of correcting for color in your light, basically — is something I’ve struggled with the whole time I’ve been shooting. I understand the concept of it, but it was rare that I could actually make it work. Sometimes I could sort of maybe get some red out of my shots…