life list: buy a polaroid

Instant photo of lupines in Ketchikan, Alaska

Trav, sleepy, with a cup of coffee


37. Buy a Polaroid, and a Pentax K1000*.

I didn’t end up buying a Polaroid, but I did buy a Fuji Instax before our wedding last year, and it was one of the best things I ever did. Loaded up on film, used it myself up until the actual wedding, and then handed it off to my beloved Allison, who took fabulous photos of the reception with it. And then we went to Alaska, and I used it some for details and landscapes, but my favorite part was taking pictures of all our cruise ship buddies and having them write their names and hometowns on them.

And this picture of Trav pre-coffee cruising Tracy Arm Fjord is one of my favorites ever.

*I had a K1000 and Butthead McStealy took it when he broke in back in 2015. There was a half-finished roll of 36 full of macro shots of broken beer bottles in it at the time and I want them back. Never got around to documenting that I bought it and now I regret it.

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