photography: thinking about light and shadow

This is the same photo, with two different focal points. They feel totally different, and yet they’re the same plants (something evergreen, and a caladium), same framing, two distinct images. The top photo, the interesting parts are the shadows on the everygreen; the bottom photo, it’s the light through the leaves on the caladium.

My overwhelming thought as Trav and I wandered around Stowe Botanical Garden last weekend was that any photographer who wants to learn more about light should spend a lot of time in gardens on very sunny days. There’s such an abundance of light and shadow and color. You can shoot wide angle landscapes. You can shoot macro shots of individual grains of pollen. You can do nothing but turn the patterns on leaves into abstract art.

I continue to delight in watching Trav shoot and work out his own style. Gardens are great for that. Gardens are great, full stop. Go look at the light shining through the leaves on huge tropical plants. You’ll feel better and you’ll really learn a lot about light.

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