travel and gardens: franklin park conservatory

(Yes, this was in Columbus, not Seattle!) While we were in Columbus, Trav and I spent a whole morning at the Franklin Park Conservatory, which in addition to being a garden (which I love), was hosting an installation of Chihuly glass (which I also love) in addition to their permanent Chihuly pieces. The FPC was…

photography: thinking about light and shadow

This is the same photo, with two different focal points. They feel totally different, and yet they’re the same plants (something evergreen, and a caladium), same framing, two distinct images. The top photo, the interesting parts are the shadows on the everygreen; the bottom photo, it’s the light through the leaves on the caladium. My…

explore your state: daniel stowe botanical garden

Trav and I drove out to Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden on Sunday morning, and it was such a lovely day. Right now the garden features an installation from Seattle glass artist Jason Gamrath, lovely Chihuly-esque oversized flowers set into the Stowe’s living gardens. The exhibit will be installed through the end of September, so if…

life list: vegetable related

51.Grow my own grape tomatoes, snap peas, and strawberries. 56. Make my own dill pickles from local cucumbers. Check, check, check. The peas aren’t going to give me much this year, but by God, I grew ONE.

a rainbow of peppers

Starting to prune and weed and compost the porch-garden for the winter, and that leads to artsy photos of peppers.