travel and gardens: franklin park conservatory


(Yes, this was in Columbus, not Seattle!)

While we were in Columbus, Trav and I spent a whole morning at the Franklin Park Conservatory, which in addition to being a garden (which I love), was hosting an installation of Chihuly glass (which I also love) in addition to their permanent Chihuly pieces. The FPC was one of the first conservatories / botanical gardens to host large-scale installations of Chihuly glass back in 2003, and I was thrilled to see this merging of things I love.

FPC is, for the most part (especially in November), a conservatory – gardens inside – as opposed to a botanical garden – gardens outside. It was spectacular, particularly with the Chihuly installation. The Pacific water gardens conservatory was unlike anything I had seen, and I absolutely adored it.

The number of gardens we’ve visited this year has prompted us to get a 2020 membership to the North Carolina Botanical Garden, which gets us free admission at nearly 300 botanical gardens all over the country. 2020: even more gardens!

Also, a reminder: if you want to keep up with our adventures in a timely fashion, rather than whenever I get around to blogging, please make sure to check out and follow my Instagram; there’s a full highlight of our trip to Columbus at the top of the page, and more!













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