explore your state: daniel stowe botanical garden

Trav and I drove out to Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden on Sunday morning, and it was such a lovely day. Right now the garden features an installation from Seattle glass artist Jason Gamrath, lovely Chihuly-esque oversized flowers set into the Stowe’s living gardens. The exhibit will be installed through the end of September, so if…

atlas obscura: elsewhere collective

The Elsewhere Collective is a … museum, of sorts, in Greensboro, and was our second stop of the day on Saturday. Their website explains it better, but it was an amazing place for a photographer.

life list: get a passport

93. Get a passport. I’d entirely forgotten I put this on my life list 9 years ago, but I finally got around to it this year. We even visited Canada! They didn’t look at our passports at all.

alaska and seattle: resources

Some of the links below are Amazon Affiliate links. This means if you buy the product, I receive a small payment. It helps me pay bills, and you get products I personally speak for! Places to go and how to plan! Whenever I want to have an adventure, one of the first places I go…

alaska: wildlife

Alaska has people. Alaska also has wild things. I liked both. The top bald eagle was wild, lurking in the trees at the Alaska Rainforest Center. He kept turning away from me and I might have threatened to fight him if he didn’t look at me, you can’t prove anything. The bottom two birds were…

alaska: skagway

Skagway was great. It was an early docking, and we only had an afternoon excursion – next time back we will definitely make a trip to both the Slide Cemetery and Jewell Gardens – and it was the only day where I almost felt we had enough time. We did go dog-sledding in Skagway, though,…

alaska: landscapes and nature

When asked once what she believed in, she had replied with perfect honesty, “The earth.” She did, she believed in its ability to nurture her, to sustain her, to challenge her; she believed in its ability to bury her in the end.– Dana Stabenow, “Midnight Come Again”