worth getting up for in june

southern culture on the skids @ berkeley cafe

Worth getting up for in June: the National at Red Hat; Shovels & Rope live; the Orioles still being over .500; sweeping the Yankees; Crush Davis (and his 31 home runs through the end of June); Southern Culture on the Skids at the Berkeley; that weekend I slept for, like, 65 hours (though not the bit where I slept that much because I was sick, but seriously, that is my dream life: sleep, read, take photos); editing my Fall Out Boy photos; shooting in the 9:30 club; hanging out with the kitties at Goathouse; rosemary and olive oil Triscuits; the Instamatic that Allie bought me; every episode of Pop Culture Happy Hour, which for some reason delighted me immensely more than even usual this month; eliminating State from the College World Series (and eliminating USCe from the tournament in general); making some new internet friends; the Replacements playing RiotFest; all the thunderstorms; how green everything is; This Week In Ladies; the filters at work deciding that TWIL was pornography, which I find indefinably hilarious, because just wow; naps.

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