scotland yard gospel choir — … and the horse you rode in on

The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir — … And The Horse You Rode In On.  My friend Amy turned me on to these guys a few years back — at least before the Franklin Street Schoolkids closed, because The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir was the last CD I bought at Schoolkids — and they record on the default record label of my soul, Bloodshot Records; Bloodshot re-released their self-titled in 2007, and two weeks ago released SYCG’s sophomore effort.  The first album is full of sweetly poppy lo-fi songs about incredibly horrifying and depressing subjects, and aside from improved production, this album is the same: cheerfully and insistently jangly indie pop backed by lush strings and shimmering brass licks, overscored by Elia and Mary’s voices.  Elia Einhorn sings lines like oh, my life is so fucked up and she kicked the shit out of my heart with the sort of intense sincerity usually reserved for declarations of true love, and lines like hope is still on your side as though the world is ending, and it’s that dichotomy, the sound versus the subject, that really grabs me in their music.

[The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir — “Stop!”]  4MB, .mp3.

SYCG had a horrific van wreck last week; Bloodshot is still fundraising to replace their gear and their van, as well as helping with medical expenses, and you can read more about that here. Their October tour dates are on hold for the time being.

Elsewhere: the Avett Brothers dropped their major label debut I & Love & You today, played the title track on Letterman last night, and got a love letter from Paste. Tomorrow’s the last day you can get a free record from Suburban Home Records in celebration of their 14th anniversary and you should get on that shit because they’re awesome. And check out some tips for better night photography with a point and click.

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