a little of both

Maybe they aren’t artists, maybe they’re just assholes. — Heather Havrilesky, Disaster Preparedness

scotland yard gospel choir — … and the horse you rode in on

weesefest 2009 @ the pour house, originally uploaded by minervacat. The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir — … And The Horse You Rode In On.¬† My friend Amy turned me on to these guys a few years back — at least before the Franklin Street Schoolkids closed, because¬†The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir was the last CD…

the spikedrivers @ the blind tiger

the spikedrivers @ the blind tiger, originally uploaded by minervacat. This one’s for Jess. I like to take pictures of the things that musicians carry onto stage with them; a cell phone set down next to a guitar pedal, a plastic cup of whiskey on the edge of a railing. It’s a tiny human part…

magic monday @ local 506

magic monday @ local 506, originally uploaded by minervacat. you’re gonna fail every single day but all the things you need can’t be bought here anyway — jason kutchma, “used guitars” Michael Casey, one of my favorite human beings on the planet, is collaborating with Glenn Boothe, who runs the Local 506 (one of my…

cold glass bottles

cold glass bottles, originally uploaded by minervacat. I love tiny gas stations in tiny off the highway Southern towns. Three flavors of Crush in little glass bottles, in Magnolia, NC.