worth getting up for: september

Worth getting up for in September: the Avett Brothers’ I And Love And You, Lucero’s 1372 Overton Park, the Mountain Goats’ the Life of the World to Come, Mason Jennings’ Blood of Man; free tickets to shows at the 506; yelling at TJ Yates; Jack Daniels in my coffee on Saturday mornings; Rece Davis; Greg Paulus getting sacked; college football season making it socially acceptable to be drunk any time they’re also drunk in Baton Rouge; Cajun chicken biscuits from Bojangles; road trips to Tennessee; Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion; paid vacation; government travel stipends; purposefully blowing out exposure in shitty lighting and getting weirdly amazing results; random Opening Thursday post-game cold-cocking of Idahoan linebackers by insane Oregonian running backs; all Nikon E-series lenses ever; nights when someone re-gels the 506 lights mostly white and blue; Justin Townes Earle bootlegs; finding random internet caches of unreleased material by the ex-bands of musicians you love; when your friends come home from three month tours, and especially when they come home from three month tours with stupid facial hair; beer; end zone penalties for game-winning safeties; the Sporting Blog’s This Week In Schadenfreude wrap-up and Orson Swindle’s Alphabetical on Monday mornings after football weekends; Taylor Potts, Taylor Potts’ mustache, Baron Batch, and the Pirate King Leach1; the overall proliferation of ginger quarterbacks in college football this year; replacing the BCS with a final rankings top ten quarterbacks pudding wrestling battle royale; actually getting paid for doing work; apocalyptic thunderstorms; that cool sweet sunny weather that sometimes happens in late September in the South; shows lit by Christmas lights.

1: even in his current incarnation as even-crazier-than-usual-bitter-post-loss man.

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