hot dogs everywhere: national hot dog day

Where: at ‘Sup Dogs Chapel Hill What: the Ranchero: homemade ranch, sup dog sauce, Monterey Jack and cheddar, chili. With whom: Trav Why: it was National Hot Dog Day! Grade: A. Man, I love ‘Sup Dogs. Their special sauce, the combinations of flavors. ‘Sup Dogs is the best.

gourmet ballpark hot dogs: sluggy’s

Where: Stuggy’s, Baltimore, MD. Camden Yards location, under the new centerfield roof deck; there’s a brick and mortar store in Fells Point. What: Crab Mac ‘N’ Cheese Dog With whom: the Paternal Unit and Uncle A Why: Baseball! Macaroni and cheese and crab meat on a hot dog! Because God loves me and wants me…

hot dogs everywhere: trolley dogs

Where: Trolley Dogs, Southport, NC. What: a hot dog with chili and slaw With whom: the Maternal Unit Why: the Maternal Unit and I were wandering around Southport and happened on Trolley Dogs. We had to indulge, even though we’d already had lunch! Grade: B. Solid, but not particularly memorable.

gourmet hot dogs: jack’s cosmic dogs

Where: Jack’s Cosmic Dogs, Folly Beach, SC. What: a Galactic Dog (blue cheese slaw, chili, cheese, and sweet potato mustard — a Jack’s original — instead of the usual spicy mustard, because I wanted to try it) With whom: shep., Ash, and various members of Ash’s family Why: Ever since I saw Alton Brown talk…

hot dogs i have known and loved

I get my love of hot dogs from my mother. (Hi, Mama!) As long as I’ve known her (which is a long time), she’s eaten them with chili (preferably Paterson’s, from a can), cole slaw and mustard, and as I have gotten older, I’m starting to find that’s how I prefer them as well. Never…