hot dogs i have known and loved

I get my love of hot dogs from my mother. (Hi, Mama!) As long as I’ve known her (which is a long time), she’s eaten them with chili (preferably Paterson’s, from a can), cole slaw and mustard, and as I have gotten older, I’m starting to find that’s how I prefer them as well. Never let it be said that nuture AND nature don’t play a part in development.

I’m always on the hunt for a great hot dog, be it at one of the many gourmet places that are springing up all over the country or a regular old hot dog at a ball park. I’ll give you photos and taste tests, and tell you how I think the dogs in question should best be eaten. No schedule, just a lot of eating for the rest of my life.

Let’s start off with some photos of dogs I have known and loved and consumed in my life, behind the jump.

At the now-closed M’Dawgs Haute Dogs in Washington, DC, May 2007:

food: gourmet hot dogs

food: gourmet hot dog

food: gourmet hot dogs

At Boshamer Stadium, Chapel Hill, NC, June 2007 (the Bosh has since upgraded their dogs):

ncaa regional: unc v. wcu, elimination game

At Hot Doug’s, Chicago, IL, May 2008 and February 2009:

chicago: hot dog from hot doug's

sausages from hot doug's

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