gourmet hot dogs: jack’s cosmic dogs

galactic dog at cosmic jack's

Where: Jack’s Cosmic Dogs, Folly Beach, SC.

What: a Galactic Dog (blue cheese slaw, chili, cheese, and sweet potato mustard — a Jack’s original — instead of the usual spicy mustard, because I wanted to try it)

With whom: shep., Ash, and various members of Ash’s family

Why: Ever since I saw Alton Brown talk about Jack’s on The Best Thing I Ever Ate, I’ve wanted to go there. Since we spend some regular time with Ash near Mt. Pleasant (the original Jack’s), I kept meaning to get there — and this was the first chance I really had!

Grade: A-. Great, but would be better with the spicy brown mustard instead of the sweet potato mustard, which is my own fault. The blue cheese slaw and the chili were out of this world, though, and the shoestring fries were fantastic.

One state on my list of 51 places to eat hot dogs down, 50 to go!

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