pinche gringo @ cat’s cradle

pinche gringo @ cat's cradle

This was actually a release party for the split 7″ released by the Moaners and recently reconstituted Jennyanykind, but I skipped out after the first set for personal reasons. I was bummed to miss it, because the Carrboro Ninja In Charge says the new Jennyanykind song is amazing, but I wasn’t in the headspace to be there. I’m trying to get myself together because I’ve got four jobs this week and I need to make them and do them well, and heading home was the best way to try.

Pinche Gringo is a brutally awesome one man country-blues act, and he was killer. One more new local band for me this year, and I’m into it. I will definitely see him again.

And a few stray administrative notes behind the jump:

  • Updated 30 in 30 with the last few days’ shots; anybody decide to do it with us? Link me to your stuff.
  • Looking for a few bands who need promo shots done this summer; I want to pick that side of my shooting up. If you’re interested, either local or touring when you’re in the Triangle, please drop me an email at asdonkar AT gmailwith the subject “[your band name] Promo Shots”. Willing to work with you on rates in exchange for expanding my portfolio.
  • If anyone has a spare $200 lying around and feels like cheering me up, I covet Epiphanie Paris bag in black. Just FYI!
  • I’ve been idly Amazon-window-shopping for a variety of things recently, mostly neat things to use in photoshoots. I don’t have anywhere to keep a stash of costume pieces and fiddly bits in the Alpha Site’s apartment, though, so I have also been idly window-shopping for houses. This is far more expensive that buying colored pencils. (More on that this week.)
  • Also looking for: a few regular-ish email or IM buddies to talk about photography, art, and the business side of creating with. I have my girls, who are all awesome, but sometimes I feel guilty about making the non-photographers listen to me babble about photo shoot ideas. If you feel like having me ALL-CAPS email you a couple of times a week, shoot ME an email. All caps optional.

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