gourmet ballpark hot dogs: sluggy’s

crab mac and cheese dog from sluggy's

Where: Stuggy’s, Baltimore, MD. Camden Yards location, under the new centerfield roof deck; there’s a brick and mortar store in Fells Point.

What: Crab Mac ‘N’ Cheese Dog

With whom: the Paternal Unit and Uncle A

Why: Baseball! Macaroni and cheese and crab meat on a hot dog! Because God loves me and wants me to be happy!

Grade: A-. Great jalapeno mac and cheese, tasty Baltimore style crab meat, fantastic dog underneath it all. Would have been an A if I hadn’t let it get a little cold.

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  1. Nekeisha Clark says:

    OMG my hubby and i went on a date this past Saturday,weather was nice and we went down to Fells Point to hang out. We want to go to a resturant but they were all so crowed so as we were looking for something to eat where there wasnt a line and we Stopped here. First time there very friendly and professional. We tried the Mac n Cheese and crab (amazing and yummy)that my hubby tried and i had the Carolina Slaw all i could say is I want more . We didnt start eating it right away but boy when we did “Make you want to slap the neighbor” It is that darn good really . Cant wait to go back. Wow

  2. Nekeisha Clark says:

    We Love Sluggy’s Hot Dogs

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