worth getting up for this fall

beaufort, nc

Worth getting up for this fall: Kev and Angela’s wedding; college basketball, and thus our UNCWBB season tickets starting; house shows; soups in the crock pot; ostentatious displays of Christmas lights; boats covered in Christmas lights; making people I love go look at things that horrify and amaze me all at once; the re-created Rathskellar lasagna; sweaters for kittens; planning trips for the spring; Thanksgiving dinner; Mockingjay Part 2; buying presents for people I love for the holidays; discovering some new photographers and digging through their work for inspiration; Adam and Sheila getting engaged; Hanna and Jameson getting engaged; when Ty answered the Reverb Line; Gary Williams, still sweaty and angry; road trips with shep.; sandwiches; apple cider and champagne; naps.

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