basketball: app state @ unc

basketball: app state @ unc

basketball: app state @ unc

Last December, Trav came up to see me a couple weeks before Christmas, our last visit before he and his guitars moved here, and on a whim, I bought tickets to the App State / UNC women’s basketball game, just so we had something to do.

We, of course, had so much fun we bought a smaller package last year, and full season tickets this year, and App State is kind of another anniversary for us.

It wasn’t quite the rout that last year’s game was, but the Heels won, and I am deeply fond of both this basketball team and my boyfriend.

(Sylvia, on the other hand, wasn’t fond of the officiating. I love this photo because it’s the same face that Sylvia CATchell makes when her sister pees in the water bowl.)

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