the thing that ate my life: house photos

the bedroom art, up close

So some but not all of you know that right before Christmas, I closed on an amazing little townhouse in a cute neighborhood in Chapel Hill. And some but not all of you know that three weeks after that, during an incredibly unseasonable-even-for-January cold snap in the NC, I had two pipes burst in the townhouse, sending 40K gallons of water through my amazing little townhouse a week before we were supposed to move in. The renovations, which were thankfully covered by both my insurance and my HOA’s insurance, turned into a complete clusterfuck of epic proportions and there’s still not a reinstalled sink in the half-bath upstairs. It’s sitting on the floor of that room. Seriously. We didn’t move in until May, and even then we didn’t have a kitchen for another two weeks, and there’s still work that remains unfinished besides the sink.

It sucked. I nearly lost my mind over it. I’m still recovering, and the time and energy and emotion suck of it is why I’ve shot less this year, and been more absent here.

But I am finally starting to feel at home, so I thought I’d share a few photos. I promise not to turn this into a home design blog, although right now I’m pretty obsessed with them.

The photo up top is the art hanging over my bed (seen below): a screenprint from the pre-order of Mason Jennings’ 2006 record Boneclouds on the left, and a screenprint poster for a Rat Jackson / Spider Bags / Red Collar show in 2010, done by my friend Steve Oliva. Below are my bedroom, the amazing open cabinets that they custom built for the space over my passthrough from the kitchen to the dining area, and my crazy new jewelry rack. Nothing else is passable to show you know, but as I get it together over the next few months, I will.

bedroom with art

open cabinets over the passthrough

super swank jewelry rack

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