worth getting up for in march

BAЯRØИ @ local 506

I can’t believe I haven’t made a Worth Getting Up For post since November. Maybe that’s why the last four months have sucked the big one. Anyway.

Worth getting up for in March: baseball; daffodils; picking out countertops and floors for the house; every single late night conversation with Trav; the guys from This Is American Music writing me First Album I Ever Bought posts; Typhoon and Dave Hause live; a spa day for my birthday; every single one of the six little black dresses that I bought; napping with Billy Donovan while the Billy-bot coached Florida to 18-0 and the Final Four; the satisfaction of cleaning out and packing up the living room; buying a new camera; getting “yes” responses from publicists that I expected “no” from; my sassy new black summer heels; Matt Wieters; Nelson Cruz; the Orioles’ opening day win; doing promo shots for the Cowboy; planning my next tattoo; the Noah Gundersen album; realizing that the best thing about long distance relationships is getting actual mail on the regular; honest-to-God mix CDs; the joy of being in love with someone with whom you can play the one-upmanship mix CD game; “That’s so good, that should have been mine” as relationship shorthand, still after all these years; Joe Flanigan’s alcoholic nose bloat; “The Gun Show got a new Auburn hat!”; a couple of days where the weather wasn’t completely shitty; realizing that there are an awful lot of people in my life who love me and want me to be happy; the biography of Leonard Cohen that Trav sent me for my birthday; Trav, just because he exists; naps.

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