a new old 97’s song (& also i love rhett miller’s face)

old 97s @ cat's cradle

rhett miller @ cat's cradle

old 97's @ cat's cradle

rhett miller @ the pour house

I was writing about the new 97s single for Speakers In Code yesterday (it’s NEXT week’s JOTD), and I ended up looking a whole bunch of my photos of Rhett Miller, who plays the Cradle Back Room tomorrow night with Sarah Shook. You guys, he is so tasty. Still. Forever. I never get tired of Rhett Miller’s fucking face. And the way he wears those jeans. It’s incredibly shallow and I don’t care, I love his songwriting and I love how pretty he is.

The new single, which you can stream below if you want a JOTD preview, is also amazing. The first line of the chorus is who’d I got to blow / to get in this fuckin’ show, and apparently I have been waiting my whole life to hear Rhett Miller say “fuckin'”, and, well, “who’d I got to blow”, frankly. I’m sorry. I don’t care. (And luckily Trav knows me well, so none of my desire to climb Rhett like a tree is a surprise to him.)

Lord Almighty, Rhett Miller, stop that. *fans self*

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