christmas mix: someone you used to know

hopscotch music festival 2012: built to spill

I’ve been making what I call a Christmas mix — that is, not holiday songs but a mix made at the holidays — since 1997; first they were tapes, then for a few years cds, and finally, in the digital age, the last seven years have been downloadable zip files, and this year is no exception. These are songs — frequently but not necessarily released in 2012 — that meant something to me this year, for various reasons, and they are for you. Consider it a list of my favorite songs of this year, if that helps. The whole shebang is available as a zip file [here] (135MB, .zip).

Happy holidays, happy 2012, happy these are great songs — whatever floats your boat. This is from me to you. 2012 was a bad year with great moments, and here’s hoping that 2013 is better.

If you creep about lurking and you only comment on one post all year, this would be a good one. I’m just sayin’. ♥

Okay, link should be working now. Let me know if it doesn’t.

  1. “Why” – Josh Ritter: why spend your only life waiting / to do what you know you can do?
  2. “I Want My Seven Years Back” – Chelsea Crowell: you can retell your same old story / and maybe some new girl won’t think it’s lame
  3. “I Don’t Mind” – Defeater: i will beg and steal and borrow / to keep you safe your whole life
  4. “Nothing’s Gonna Change The Way You Feel About Me Now” – Justin Townes Earle: i know it’s wrong but i’ve got to admit / i said some things that i shouldn’t have said
  5. “If I Needed You” (Townes Van Zandt) – Mumford & Sons: if i needed you would you come to me / would you come to me, for to ease my pain?
  6. “Giving Up Redheads” – Leland Sundries: well that girl didn’t even catch my eye, boys, until she dyed her hair
  7. “Flowers In Your Hair” – The Lumineers: it takes a man to live / it takes a woman to make him compromise
  8. “Pick Me Up” – Air Traffic Controller: have a seat, grab a drink / try not to give a fuck what anybody thinks
  9. “Working Titles” – Damien Jurado: you wrote about me on every new record / i’ll show up in the title of your song / i only hope that somebody requests it
  10. “That Old Black Hole” – Dr. Dog: i was not prepared to lose it all the moment that i found it
  11. “King of the World” – First Aid Kit: well i’m nobody’s baby / i’m everybody’s girl / i’m the queen of nothing / i’m the king of the world
  12. “Smothered In Hugs” (Guided By Voices) – Cuff The Duke: i’m gonna leave with you / you can teach me all you know
  13. “The Happy Song” – Alex Chilton: sing us a happy little song and we can do the rest
  14. “Cinder Blocks” – Onward, Soldiers: where have you been / come back to Carolina
  15. “Nice Things” – The Menzingers: are you happy, are you sane, are you rich, are you thin?
  16. “Nothing Is Anything (Without You)” – Wintersleep: if it was easier to leave it alone / why did you come here?
  17. “Never Have To Fall In Love Again” – Eleni Mandell: but if you have to gamble on a better life than ramble / and i’ll start by falling out of love with you.
  18. “Isn’t This World Enough??” – Admiral Fallow: from your first exhale to your very last breath / isn’t this world enough?
  19. “Still Not Home” – Tift Merritt: i try so hard, but i’m still not home
  20. “Someone You Used To Know” – Wylie Hunter & the Cazadores: you can say that’s the voice of someone you used to know

10 Comments Add yours

  1. Dan Schram says:

    Snagged it. Thanks for the thoughtful selections.

  2. Thanks, Aggie. I think I commented on the one last year, ha. Nice choices, and excited about the GVB cover. Rock on. 🙂

    1. I hope you dig it! It was one of my favorite covers of this year (and one of my favorite GVB songs, hee).

  3. Ashley W says:

    Thanks! I love listening to your mixes – I have an Aggie playlist. 🙂

    1. I hope you’re enjoying it down there in your weird summer weather! ❤

  4. wordsurfer says:

    I don’t crawl about lurking (first time here, via songsfortheday), but I thought I’d leave a comment anyway. I’ve just downloaded this beautiful-looking mix and I love that you put quotes with the songs – makes it all the more interesting and enticing!

    1. I hope you enjoy listening! I am definitely a “lyrics first” sort of listener, so I can’t help but focus on them; glad it appeals to someone besides me. 🙂

      1. wordsurfer says:

        … I love lyrics – so yeah, you’re not alone. 😉

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