almost people @ local 506

almost people @ local 506

almost people @ local 506

I know Scotty Sandwich from many things: his digital label Death To False Hope Records, his booking of great punk and garage and hardcore shows in Durham, but I’d never seen him play in his own band, Almost People, before last night. They play sharp, clever, hooky pop punk, lots of great guitar riffs from Scotty and excellent bass playing from Chicago Johnny and fantastic pursuing drumming from their drummer, who I’ve met but whose name I can’t remember, goddamn it. Last night was their CD release show, and it was a cheerful, warm, crowded, rocking show. Can’t wait to spend time with the record.

Jason and Beth Kutchma and Jon Truesdale opened as 75% of Red Collar, acoustic, and I’d never seen Jon play a banjo before but FYI, he can. I told J I’d keep that a secret but I can’t, it was too wonderful.

Full set is here. Next week starts with lists and end of year wrap-up. Woo.

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