unc: gargoyles for beating duke.

Dean Smith made basketball a religion in our family, rivaled only by Presbyterianism, barbeque, and the Democratic Party. For many years, our dream scenario had gone something like this: Dean beats archrival Duke and its coach, the detested Mike Krzyzewski, for the national championship in April, then runs for the Senate (for which he had long been rumored a candidate) and whips the antediluvian Jesse Helms in November! Then we all eat barbeque from Allen & Sons, on Highway 86, to celebrate. Then we go to church to thank God for sending us this wry Kansan to make our state safe for hoops and liberals. Sadly, this never happened. — Will Blythe, from To Hate Like This Is To Be Happy Forever

If you celebrate this day as I celebrate this day, head on over to Art & Literature and try and win yourself a copy of the Roy’s biography. It was super enjoyable, and you don’t hit the first “dadgum” until at least 30 pages in.

And go Heels — beat Duke.

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