holy ghost tent revival @ the pour house

You guys are probably one of the only cities that understands what that’s like. ‘Cause you — the city of DC, from what I’ve read, in certain books, you nurture your own bands, you go see your own bands. If they’re local, you go see them. And that’s what you should do, and a lot of cities don’t do that. They wait for other bands from other cities to come around, which is good, but you should nurture your own, and I feel like that’s a sentiment that we have and a sentiment that you have and a few other cities have. But you don’t find it everywhere, and I’ve been everywhere, man. — Brian Fallon, playing the Black Cat in Washington, DC, 01.16.10

At this point, I’m pretty sure that if you don’t know how I feel about Holy Ghost Tent Revival, you haven’t been paying attention; there’s little else I can write about them except to say that they’re not just one of my favorite local bands, they’re one of my favorite bands period, and I miss them terribly when they’re gone. They’re our own.

They were fantastic, as always, last night, and their new stuff is tremendous, but, boys, I’m just going to say this in public: some of that facial hair you guys are rocking right now is just terrifying. I’m almost certain that when I told Stephen that, he said, “I know, isn’t it awful? It’s like a muskrat on my face!” but I’m not positive, because I was laughing too hard.

And The Moneynotes outran the snow on their way down I-81 from Scranton, Pennsylvania, and they were also fantastic. Sadly for their bassist, none of the photos I took of him shaking his ass at me turned out.

Holy Ghost stay on the road most of the time these days, so y’all should go see them, and tell them I sent you and that I miss them and I love them and they should come home.

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