a summer’s worth of canning

Trav bought me an electric water bath canner for Christmas last year, and I have made great use of it this summer with both my own vegetables and ones I was given (five pounds of carrots) and bought myself (strawberries and even more pickling cukes). So here’s some of the summer’s bounty, and the recipes I tried out.


Pickled Watermelon Rinds

These are great. Spicy and sweet, they’re soft enough to muddle into a drink. Try them with Deep Eddy Grapefruit Vodka and seltzer.

garden - 15

Bloody Mary Pickles

This is a fridge batch we haven’t tried yet, but they smell great and will probably burn our mouths off, given that I used dragon cayenne infused vodka in the recipe.

garden - 14

garden - 18

garden - 19

Smitten Kitchen Pickled Carrots

I modified Deb Perelman’s brine recipes for carrots and green beans, carrots and radishes, and carrots and turnips (plus a jar of beets). The carrots and green beans are a fridge pickle, I finished the other five jars in a water bath canner at 20 minutes.

I still have four pounds of pickling cukes to finish off, which I’m going to do in a 50-50 split of standard spicy dills and this recipe for Jalapeno Garlic Basil pickles, and I’m hoping that I can find some strawberries on sale at the grocery store for not too gouging a price to do these balsamic strawberries, too.

I document the process when I’m working in my Insta stories, so follow me over there if you want to see stuff as I go.

I took all the photos but the first one using LA Shop’s Photo Cube, which I reviewed way back when.

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