review: 24″ photo cube studio light tent

review: photo cube

review: photo cube

review: photo cube

review: photo cube

I don’t do a ton of product photography — unless you count posing Lego baseball men with things from my origami page-a-day calendar as product photography, but it’s really not — but when the LA Shop offered to send me one of their photography toys to try out, I jumped at the chance to play with their 24″ Photo Cube, an all-in-one sort of package for setting up tiny dioramas, photography for your Etsy shop, posed photos of my cat, you know the drill.

But if I did do product photography, and I was looking to upgrade my set-up from homemade, or add parts to it? I would do it with this kit, which is a great price for all the stuff that you get. The whole thing folds up into a flat square (or out into a white box) and has blue, red, and black velcro-on sheets to change your background color; there are outside pockets that hold two small, adjustable halogen lamps (and two extra bulbs!), as well as a base for a short monopod, and the monopod itself.

review: photo cube

And it comes with a tiny flexible tripod, one you can screw in to a camera rest, or, if you are like me and easily delighted, you can screw it directly into the tripod mount on your camera, and use it like that. LOVE it.

review: photo cube

review: photo cube

After I set everything up and took some shots, the thing that came to me is this: I don’t do any product photography; I don’t really have a great use for this kit. But it made me want to have one — I loved the photos of the little squishy guy and Orioles Rubber Ducky so much that I wanted to set this up for every single shot of my origami calendar. Totally not doable in my office cube, but it made me want to do it. These shots looked so good that I wanted to light my tiny origami flowers really well, and use a macro lens, and show them off in a way that the Photo Cube set would let me do.

So I am pretty into the LA Shop right now, I tell you what.

The LA Shop provided the Photo Cube, but all the opinions are mine!

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