eats: neopoliltan pizza at italian pizza iii


IP3 is such a Chapel Hill institution to me that it didn’t occur to me until last week that I hadn’t actually ever taken Trav there. We’ve eaten IP3, but it’s been me picking it up and bringing it home, mostly. Last week we were on a quest for a dinner out and ended up there, to which Trav said, a little put out in a justified way, “I didn’t know it was a soccer place.”

Well, IP3 is a soccer place. I’ve eaten plenty of slices there with shep. watching soccer, before shows at Local 506, during Carolina basketball games. I once saw Tyler Zeller extract himself from a very small Toyota, go in, emerge with a very large stack of pizzas, fold himself and the pizzas back into the very small Toyota, and drive off. The “famed” Carolina/Michigan State aircraft carrier game, we were at the 506 and IP3 turned a TV around to face the street so we could duck out and check on the score. (The score: Carolina once again beat the pants off MSU.)

Anyway, we scarfed a large pepperoni last Thursday, and it was great, as IP3 is always great. Check documentation of another favorite place off the list.

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