eats in the thrill: 411 west

A Chapel Hill classic, I hadn’t been here in years and Trav had never been before we took his folks there this past weekend. Their whole menu is great – the antipasto tray was spectacular – but I do love their pizettes. This one was sourced from all NC farms.

eats in the thrill: buns

Ordered hamburgers from Buns the other night, and they were A+. Brie, bacon, honey mustard. Would eat again.

100 foods in 100 counties: orange county

Orange County – Carrboro – Neal’s Deli: House-Cured Pastrami I live in Orange County. It has taken me 9 years to cross this off the list. I am ashamed to know myself, but I am not ashamed to know Neal’s house-cured pastrami, which I ate with pimento cheese on a biscuit, and it was damn…

eats: al’s burger shack

As I work my way through this list, it’s just a real pleasure to hit some of my favorite Chapel Hill spots, and to get to some that weren’t around when I was a frequent eater on Franklin St. We intended to hit Al’s Burger Shack – the location on Franklin – last Thursday, but…

eats: neopoliltan pizza at italian pizza iii

IP3 is such a Chapel Hill institution to me that it didn’t occur to me until last week that I hadn’t actually ever taken Trav there. We’ve eaten IP3, but it’s been me picking it up and bringing it home, mostly. Last week we were on a quest for a dinner out and ended up…

hot dogs everywhere: national hot dog day

Where: at ‘Sup Dogs Chapel Hill What: the Ranchero: homemade ranch, sup dog sauce, Monterey Jack and cheddar, chili. With whom: Trav Why: it was National Hot Dog Day! Grade: A. Man, I love ‘Sup Dogs. Their special sauce, the combinations of flavors. ‘Sup Dogs is the best.

eats: a week of food

Hello, food! Lo these many years ago when I turned 30 and freaked out, I made a life list, and it was full of items that involved eating. Here, as I approach 40 and feel pretty good about it, I am still into eating, and I’ve been making my happy fat way through some of…