basketball: state and duke @ unc

college basketball: nc state @ unc

basketball: duke @ unc

Two tough, sad, frustrating games against rivals to end a tough, sad, frustrating season. Against State, the ladies were just exhausted; against Duke, well, you can’t do much against 7 for 8 shooting from behind the three point line in the first half. They lost today, in overtime, to Pitt in the ACC tournament, and I think this might just be a year we chalk up to learning, and wait to see what Jamie, Steph and Des bring us next year, with the additions of Paris Kea, Hadiya Bembry, and Hillary Fuller (who all sat out this year due to transfer rules or injuries) and a stellar incoming freshman class.

This wasn’t necessarily a fun season, but sometimes this kind of year are, well, necessary; I guess this one was. Thanks for every minute you busted your asses on the court, ladies, and we’ll see you in November.

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