basketball: duke @ unc

basketball: duke @ unc

basketball: duke @ unc

basketball: duke @ unc

Trav and I went to see the Carolina women’s basketball team play App State back in December, before he moved up, and we both fell totally in love with this year’s team. After buying some furniture for the house, we used the last of my parents’ Christmas gift to us to buy a five game package for the final five ACC games of the season — starting with Duke last weekend, because the best way to welcome someone you love to your beloved town is to take them to see your most hateful tradition. Alas, the women dropped an overtime heartbreaker to the Dukies, but it was still a hell of a good time. My brain still remembers every single pep band / student section cheer and I know too many fight songs. The woman sitting next to me asked if Trav and I had played, because we “sound[ed] like we [knew] what we were talking about.” No, just nerds, I said.

BC is today. BC sucks, you guys.

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