worth getting up for in july

the shilohs @ local 506

Worth getting up for in July: the Orioles in first place; two new posts on the hot dog blog; Wild Child; PHOX; the Shilohs and the Fresh & Onlys and Estrangers; Merge 25; old college friends; the new student books from Carleton with old college friends; mozzarella cheese; cold roast chicken; my dad; two new plants; big ideas; wanting to paint my ceiling blue; alone time; Dadsplaining, aka fixing things you didn’t know needed fixing; the vents in my house that no longer smell like cat pee; Willie Breeding; Cat Summitt; quality Rodney time; days off; putting my arms around Trav in Hartsfield; OPI’s James Bond nail polish; the external hard drive I’ve had since 2004; songvids; the Frank Turner YouTube Vortex; has jon lester been traded dot com; Andrew Miller; how sweet Andrew Miller was to me in 2010; “I’d wear a Miller jersey if it didn’t have Boston on the front”; Andrew Miller in my bullpen at the trade deadline; a jersey, then; remembering my work ethic; seeing everyone I only see at Hopscotch at Merge, too; shep. coming home from vacation; naps; the shade of green that North Carolina still is only and ever; TMI emails with Allie; indie pop; Ex Hex; show announcements; the new Shakey Graves release; life.

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